Our Dexter Beef Pack Price £149.50
                                       saving over £30.00 on individual cuts!

Dexter Beef raised naturally and then matured for over 21 days - need we say more.

Butchered and supplied in minimum weight 15kg packs - order 2 for even better value.

  • Fillet Steak
  • Rump Steak
  • Sirloin Steak
  • Best Braising Steak
  • Topside Joints
  • Rib of Beef on the bone (chine)
  • Brisket Joint
  • Cubed Beef (stewing steak)
  • Minced Beef



Each time a beast is sent off, the beef prepared into freezer ready packs of a minimum weight of 15kgs.  The packs each contain a selection of cuts all vac packed and labeled ready for your freezer.  Due to being packed by hand, the weights and pack contains may vary slightly, the following is a pack picked at random to give you an idea of what you will receive along with the typical price per kg showing that a beef pack represents excellent value for money, even better value for money when you purchase two!:

Fillet Steak (2)                                              0.245kg     £36.00/kg     £8.82
Rump Steak (2)                                           0.625kg     £19.00/kg     £11.87
Sirloin Steak (2)                                          0.470kg     £24.00/kg     £11.28
                                                                       0.440kg                            £10.56
Best Braising Steak                                   0.615kg     £10.00/kg     £6.15
                                                                       0.270kg                            £2.70
                                                                       0.555kg                            £5.55
                                                                       0.555kg                            £5.55
                                                                       0.600kg                            £6.00
Topside Joint                                              1.395kg     £12.50/kg     £17.43
Silverside Joint                                           1.170kg     £12.50/kg     £14.62
                                                                       0.895kg                            £11.18
Rib of Beef on the bone (chine)               1.380kg     £13.00/kg     £17.94
Brisket Joint                                                 1.325kg     £7.50/kg       £9.93
Cubed Beef (stewing steak)                     0.500kg     £9.00/kg       £4.50
                                                                       0.500kg                            £4.50
                                                                       0.690kg                            £6.21
Lean Minced Beef                                       0.575kg     £8.50/kg      £4.88
                                                                       0.600kg                           £5.10
                                                                       0.750kg                           £6.37
                                                                       0.535kg                           £4.54
                                                                       0.550kg                           £4.67

                                                                  Total box weight                  15.24kg
                                                                  Total Individual cut price  £180.35

                                       Our Dexter Beef Pack Price £149.50
                                       saving over £30.00 on individual cuts!

We're now hanging our beef for 5 weeks (over 35 days) which we believe really adds to the eating experience and taste.  As such, the longer a beast hangs, the more moisture is lost during the process and trimmings increase so our 5 week hung packs are supplied in minimum weight 12kg packs.  Less really is more - you've got to try it to appreciate it!

We've no more 3 week packs left now so 5 week packs will be supplied when orders are placed.