FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a farm shop we can visit?  We do not presently have a farm shop but all orders placed online can be collected.

Can you offer specific butchery options?  We will always do what we can to meet your needs.  Just email us your requirements 

Is everything in stock?  In the main the nature of what we supply is fresh, so it is produced to order.  If you order a half pig, that pig is generally slaughtered specifically to meet your order.  Our shop does not currently support real time ordering and stock control, so there may be instances whereby demand outstrips supply.  Especially in the case of eggs and bacon - we only have a limited quantity available.  It's typically unexpected large orders which clear our stock.  We will endeavour to keep our shop up to date at all times to minimise disappointment, so typically you should in the majority of cases receive what you have ordered.

Is the meat fresh or frozen?  It depends what you are ordering and how & when we are delivering.  If you specifically require fresh meat then please let us know at time or ordering.  Sausages and bacon are produced in batches and so delivered fresh for immediate orders, but then frozen for future orders.  Whole pigs and lambs are usually killed fresh to order, but sometimes we have a butchered or hog roast pig ready to go in the freezer that is best suited to your order.