Our sausages are super meaty, all pig with just a sprinkling of rusk to bind the meat.  We then stuff them into natural casings that go crispy under the grill.  This means they are super tasty and really filling, which is why there are 6 in a pack - compared to supermarket sausages these really will fill you up!

This deal includes 6 packs of sausages, 2 packs each of the following seasonings:

BREAKFAST SAUSAGE - A true all rounder!  This is a traditional breakfast sausage that's superb at any time of the day.  Stuffed with nothing but rare breed pork and like all our sausages just the barest sprinkling of rusk to bind the sausage together with hints of black pepper, sage and mace it is then stuffed into a natural casing that goes crispy under the grill or on the bbq.  Just delicious!  It always goes down well.  Guaranteed to fill you up and leave you satisfied.  Use in any meal from a full cooked breakfast to bangers and mash with onion gravy.

- Made with sun dried tomatoes from Italy chopped up and mixed with dried
sweet basil and a special herb mix

PORK & LEEK SAUSAGE - Our Breakfast sausage combined with fresh leeks.  Simple as that, no artificial colours or flavours

Packed in 1lb packs - the rich taste of Dexter Beef aged for 35+ days makes this exceptional mince go further - a 1lb (454g) pack will easily create a meal for 4 to 6 people - add as much vegetables to say your lasagne as you fancy, the beautiful taste of the beef is strong and rich enough to go far.  You won't be disappointed!

This deal includes 2 packs of beef mince

Our sausage & beef mince pack will provide 8 family* meals, at £30 including delivery that's just £3.75 per meal for quality tasty meat!  You won't be disappointed!

COLLECTION - you are welcome to collect by appointment

DELIVERY -      local delivery (Market Harborough, Desborough, Kettering, Leicester, Wellingborough, Corby, Melton Mowbray,
                           Kibworth, Rothwell, North Kilworth, South Kilworth, Lutterworth, Gilmorton, Theddingworth, Lubenham, Hallaton,
                           Tugby, Billesdon, Houghton on the Hill, Belton in Rutland, Oakham, Uppingham and surrounding areas) usually
                           made on a Saturday, Sunday or evenings

                           Delivery further afield is possible but please check with us before ordering, our Facebook specials are for collection or
                           local delivery immediately.  We can't hold your order at this price.

Sausage & Beef Mince Deal

*Family meals are based on two adults and two children.
These sausage and beef mince packs are double bagged and pre frozen in our commercial freezer and will be delivered frozen ready to pop straight into your freezer or put in your fridge to defrost ready to cook.(subject to availability)