BRITISH BOER GOAT MEAT - available now - drop us an email

Raised naturally on a grass, hay & browse diet which is supplemented with a grain based meal.

Traditional whole goat to include neck chops, Loin (chops or half chops/half loin), Shoulder (whole or two halves), Leg (whole or two halves), Breast, Liver & Kidney. You may want some back as mince.

Butchered, bagged & labelled ready for your freezer.

Whole goat £14/kg 18 - 25kg

Diced boned goat meat £18/kg

“The Leg of Goat was yummy - better than lamb!”
Mrs Sheppard - Twyford

Keythorpe Valley Farm Boer goat leg green beans, tomatoes, curry spices, toasted almonds 

Keythorpe Valley Farm Boer goat breast ricotta, olives, quinoa, tomatoes, pomegranate/

Keythorpe Valley Farm smoked pulled shoulder of Boer Goat green sauce egg pasta

Keythorpe Valley Farm slow cooked Boer goat ragu fresh pasta, green sauce 

T&K Goat Burger goat patty charred halloumi, Mrs Temple Cheddar, pickled red onions, tzatziki, pickles, house slaw, brioche bun

Side Dishes (all 4) Hand cut chips, rosemary salt Broad bean, radish, dill, lemon Thyme roasted sweet potatoes Runner beans, chilli salt T&K macaroni cheese (15mins) Mixed salad, French dressing Fennel, artichoke, coriander Sea salt & rosemary focaccia, marinated olives 

Boerewors is the traditional South African sausage.  Its name translates literally as "farmers sausage".  Made to a traditional recipe this sausage is a perfect additional to any summer BBQ

goat; pork; pork fat; goat fat; water; rusk [wheat flour (calcium carbonate; iron; niacin; thiamin); salt; ammonium bicarbonate; E503ii]; spices; salt 

6 per pack £15/kg

Tasty goat sausage with the perfect combination of spices, garden mint and coriander
goat; goat fat; water; rusk (wheat flour, salt); fortified wheatflour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate; iron; niacin; thiamin); salt; sugar; yeast extract; tomato powder; herbs; preservative: sodium metabisulphite E223 (Sulphur dioxide (SO2)); stabiliser E450 & E451; sodium citrate E331; antioxidant E301; flavouring (milk); spice; spice extract

6 per pack £15/kg