British Lop, British Saddleback, Berkshire, Oxford Sandy & Black, Large Black, Middle White, Gloucester Old Spot & crosses are amongst the breeds we keep and use to produce the best pork.  If you have a preference please let us know or leave it to our discretion.  We always receive great feedback about our meat so we must know what we're doing.

To include chops or rolled loin, leg & shoulder joints, belly strips or rolled belly. Boned if required. Offal if required.  See our standard cutting list.

Butchered & labelled ready to cook, cure or freeze.

Whole pig £249 minimum 50kg*
1/2 pig £136.95 minimum 25kg*

Whole or Half

*minimum weight refers to carcass weight prior to butchery - with pigs the saying goes you can eat everything but the 'oink'.  Of course some of our customers don't wish to receive certain cuts, offal for example, trotters, head or request that certain cuts are prepared say boned.  This would reduce the overall weight received.